Dark Horse Episodes Heroes

Issue 149 – Klaus Hargreeves

Grab your Ouija board, because we’re talking to KLAUS HARGREEVES! How can the Seance make a better connection with the living instead of the dead? Tune in to find out!

Avengers Episodes Heroes Marvel

Issue 139 – Dane Whitman

Prior to the Eternals movie premiere, we cover the Black Knight, DANE WHITMAN! How many Monty Python jokes are made? The answer may surprise you!

Episodes Marvel

Issue 90 – Uatu the Watcher

We go from reading to watching, as we examine UATU! How does Doc propose to cure this voyeur of his addiction? Find out – listen now!

Episodes Heroes Marvel

Issue 16 – Sentry

This week’s patient is Marvel’s insane Superman analogue, THE SENTRY! Anthony & Dr. Issues pick apart Bob Reynolds to find out what makes one of Marvel’s most powerful heroes tick. And speaking of powerful, Dr. Issues gets emotional talking about depression and suicide. It’s all here – listen now!