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Issue 102 – Tim Drake

We go back to the Robin well, this time for Tim Drake! Just because he may be the smartest Robin doesn’t make him the best – find out why!

DC Episodes Villains

Issue 101 – Two-Face

Flip a coin – heads, you listen to us analyze Two-Face. Tails, you listen to us analyze Harvey Dent. Either way, you’re getting a realistic discussion of bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

Episodes Thematic

Issue 100 – AWARDS SHOW!

IT’S OUR 100TH EPISODE! We’ve got awards! We’ve got mailbags! We’ve got… a rap song? Listen now!

Antiheroes Batman Rogues DC Episodes

Issue 5 – Harley Quinn

Anthony and Dr. Issues tackle the Clown Princess of Crime, Harley Quinn, her thoughts on Mistah J and Ivy, and how she could function in society. And as usual, Doc has a major repair bill by the end of it.

Batman Rogues DC Episodes Villains

Issue 2 – Joker

Anthony and Dr. Issues discuss the Clown Prince of Crime, and Doc gets a buzz out of his new patient. Literally.