Dark Horse Episodes Heroes

Issue 149 – Klaus Hargreeves

Grab your Ouija board, because we’re talking to KLAUS HARGREEVES! How can the Seance make a better connection with the living instead of the dead? Tune in to find out!

Batman Rogues DC Episodes Villains

Issue 131 – James Gordon Jr.

We prove sometimes the apple falls VERY FAR from the tree, courtesy of James Gordon Jr. What separates him from his morally upstanding father, aside from everything? Tune in to find out!

Antiheroes Dark Horse Episodes

Issue 130 – Number Five (Umbrella Academy)

We take our first trip to the Umbrella Academy to study NUMBER FIVE! How can this child-man find better coping mechanisms? Tune in to find out!

Antiheroes DC Episodes

Issue 129 – Amanda Waller

Before The Suicide Squad premieres, we analyze AMANDA WALLER! Doc’s got an interesting idea for therapy, provided he manages to stay alive! Listen now!

Avengers Episodes Heroes Marvel

Issue 128 – Jocasta

This episode was built to make you happy – it’s Jocasta, bride of Ultron! What does this villain-turned-Avenger have in common with victims of sex trafficking? Listen now to find out!

Avengers Episodes Heroes Marvel Mutants Thematic X-Men

Issue 105 – WandaVision

Before WandaVision drops on Disney+ this week, learn about the relationship between Wanda Maximoff and Vision. How similar are the comics and the MCU versions? About as different as the real Leonia NJ and the one in the comics.

Episodes Thematic

Issue 96 – Strangers in a strange land

What do Captain America, Exodus, and Sleepwalker all have in common? They’re strangers in a strange land! Come to a weird place with us as we examine what it’s like to be in the unknown!

Episodes Heroes Inhumans Marvel

Issue 89 – Reader

Things get downright inhuman as we examine READER! Is it a problem if a dog isn’t just a man’s best friend, but his only one? Plus a cross-country skit you have to hear – listen now!

Episodes Marvel Villains

Issue 56 – Ultimate Reed Richards (Maker)

Anthony & Doc examine the Maker (aka Ultimate Reed Richards). What differentiates him from his 616 counterpart? What can heartbreak do to a super genius? All this, plus Doc’s most inventive treatment idea yet – listen now!

Batman Rogues DC Episodes Villains

Issue 51 – Riddler

Patreon Brian asked us to cover THE RIDDLER! Why does Edward Nygma keep leaving clues he knows Batman will solve? What is OCD really like? All these questions and more – listen now!