Episodes Heroes Marvel

Issue 145 – Ben Grimm

Come with us to Yancy Street as we drill down on BEN GRIMM, THE THING! Why does a man so smart tawk like dis? Listen now to find out!

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Issue 94 – Baphomet

We take our first trip to the world of the Wicked + the Divine to examine Baphomet! And it’s so complex, we enlisted Jered from the Fantom Zone to help us! Does this role playing god find a name he’s comfortable with? Listen now to find out!

Dark Horse Episodes Heroes

Issue 72 – Abe Sapien

Anthony & Doc take a deep dive into the BPRD’s resident fish-man, ABE SAPIEN! What is he? Why does he compare himself to Hellboy? And how many fish puns can Doc make this week? Listen now!