Episodes Heroes Marvel Mutants X-Men

Issue 98 – Hank McCoy

It’s our hairiest episode yet – HANK MCCOY! What does Doc have to say about the brilliant Beast? Listen now to find out!

DC Episodes

Issue 73 – Yorick Brown

Anthony & Doc tackle a world without Y chromosomes when they examine Yorick Brown from Y: The Last Man! Yorick’s got so many problems we actually examine FOUR! And how is Doc like the 1990s Chicago Bulls? Listen now to find out!

Episodes Marvel Villains

Issue 56 – Ultimate Reed Richards (Maker)

Anthony & Doc examine the Maker (aka Ultimate Reed Richards). What differentiates him from his 616 counterpart? What can heartbreak do to a super genius? All this, plus Doc’s most inventive treatment idea yet – listen now!

Creators on the Couch Episodes

Issue 52 – Creators on the Couch – Callum Cooper

Our second ever creator interview has Anthony & Doc speaking with ERICA SCHULTZ, writer of Twelve Devils Dancing. Who is Callum Cooper? What impacts does being raised in a cult have on him? And a tease for one of her big upcoming projects. Listen now!

Batman Rogues DC Episodes Villains

Issue 51 – Riddler

Patreon Brian asked us to cover THE RIDDLER! Why does Edward Nygma keep leaving clues he knows Batman will solve? What is OCD really like? All these questions and more – listen now!

Episodes Heroes Marvel

Issue 3 – Tony Stark

Dr. Issues learns we don’t have the licensing budget for good music, and Anthony discovers he’s like Iron Man, but not in the cool, mechanized suit-wearing kinda way.