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Issue 148 – Black Bolt

It’s an hour of silence as we examine the Inhuman king BLACK BOLT! Just kidding, you know neither of us can shut up for that long… listen now!

Avengers Episodes Heroes Marvel

Issue 143 – Jessica Drew

We’re back for Season 7, and we kick things off with the wall-crawling mom Jessica Drew! How does she balance motherhood and superheroing? Tune in to find out!

Episodes Thematic

Issue 96 – Strangers in a strange land

What do Captain America, Exodus, and Sleepwalker all have in common? They’re strangers in a strange land! Come to a weird place with us as we examine what it’s like to be in the unknown!

Batman Rogues DC Episodes Villains

Issue 95 – Killer Croc

We head back to the sewers to take on KILLER CROC! Does this raging reptile have a softer side? Also, stay tuned after the episode for a special bonus where we help a listener live!

Episodes Marvel Villains

Issue 8 – Thanos

The Avengers: Infinity War special – THANOS! Anthony compares Infinity Gauntlet to Beauty & the Beast, Dr. Issues talks God’s Debris, and the most far out couch skit yet!