Episodes Heroes Marvel

Issue 103 – Luke Cage

We wrap up Season 4 as we cover Power Man, LUKE CAGE! How can Doc help this man of the streets be a better man off the streets? Plus a fun pitch for a new comic book – listen now!

Episodes Thematic

Mental Health Avengers III: The Injustice System

The Mental Health Avengers have reunited, and this time we’re taking on the prison system! Why do so many unwell prisoners get mistreated? What can be done to help them? Listen now!

Crossovers Episodes Mental Health Avengers

Mental Health Avengers II: Age of Access (Part 2)

The Avengers have assembled once again, and this time we’re finishing our second episode on the issues with access to health care. Listen as we come up with solutions to problems we hadn’t considered when we recorded our last episode in a pre-COVID19 world!


Anthony gets real for World Mental Health Day

Anthony writes an essay for World Mental Health Day about his personal recurring villain: depression. Things get real.