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Issue 63 – Psychiatry in comics

Anthony & Doc look at depictions of psychiatry & therapy in comics. How has the field changed since the 80s? Who gets it right and who gets it waaaay wrong? Tune in to find out!

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Issue 62 – Colossus (Live at Rogue Comics)

It’s our first ever live appearance at Rogue Comics! And we covered the gentle giant Colossus! We compare and contrast his relationships with Kitty and Illyana, plus a Q&A with Piotr himself! Don’t miss it!

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Issue 61 – Roy Harper

Anthony and Doc cover Ollie Queen’s former sidekick ROY HARPER! From abandonment to drug addiction to child death, this is a very heavy episode – there’s even a content warning at the start. This is not a light and fun one, but it’s worthwhile to listen to.