Blog Bonus

The God of Mischief strikes the studios…

Loki sabotages our audio – no episode this week, just a skit!

Episodes Marvel Villains

Issue 8 – Thanos

The Avengers: Infinity War special – THANOS! Anthony compares Infinity Gauntlet to Beauty & the Beast, Dr. Issues talks God’s Debris, and the most far out couch skit yet!

Antiheroes DC Episodes

Issue 7 – Rorschach

Anthony and Dr. Issues tackle¬†Watchmen’s absolutist protagonist,¬†Rorschach! Listen as they discuss whether someone who’s totally unwilling to compromise could function in the real world.

Episodes Heroes Marvel

Issue 6 – Jessica Jones

Anthony and Dr. Issues take on the reluctant superheroine-turned-private-investigator, Jessica Jones! Alcoholism and PTSD make for a dangerous combination, but our hosts are up to the task… Dr. Issues’s office, notsomuch…

Antiheroes Batman Rogues DC Episodes

Issue 5 – Harley Quinn

Anthony and Dr. Issues tackle the Clown Princess of Crime, Harley Quinn, her thoughts on Mistah J and Ivy, and how she could function in society. And as usual, Doc has a major repair bill by the end of it.