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Issue 107 – Catwoman

After 107 episodes, we FINALLY get around to Catwoman. Why does Selina keep trying to reform, and why doesn’t it stick? Listen to find out!

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Issue 106 – Clones

It bears repeating, but clones (and their originals) have a whole host of issues. So many, in fact, that this is an extra-long episode – and we barely scratch the surface! Listen now!

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Issue 105 – WandaVision

Before WandaVision drops on Disney+ this week, learn about the relationship between Wanda Maximoff and Vision. How similar are the comics and the MCU versions? About as different as the real Leonia NJ and the one in the comics.

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Issue 104 – Maxwell Lord

It’s our Season 5 premiere, and we cover Maxwell Lord, baddie of the new Wonder Woman film. What drove this amoral businessman to go full supervillain? Listen now!

Blog Bonus

Changes for 2021

This mini-episode will explain some of the changes coming to the show in 2021, as well as make sure our RSS feed still works!