Episodes Thematic

Issue 93 – Quipping

We take a serious look at a not-so-serious topic: quipping! Why do characters do it? Why do WE do it? And can we stop, or should we? Listen now to find out!

Episodes Marvel Mutants Villains

Issue 92 – Apocalypse

Listen now! It’s En Sabah Nur – time has no meaning. It’s 2020, so why not talk Apocalypse? How does Doc handle someone who bends timelines to his will?

Batfamily DC Episodes Heroes Robins

Issue 91 – Damian Wayne

We examine our youngest character ever – DAMIAN WAYNE! Why does Doc want to send the Son of the Bat to the Phantom Zone for treatment? Listen to find out!

Episodes Marvel

Issue 90 – Uatu the Watcher

We go from reading to watching, as we examine UATU! How does Doc propose to cure this voyeur of his addiction? Find out – listen now!