Batman Rogues DC Episodes Villains

Issue 131 – James Gordon Jr.

We prove sometimes the apple falls VERY FAR from the tree, courtesy of James Gordon Jr. What separates him from his morally upstanding father, aside from everything? Tune in to find out!

Blog The Longbox View

The Longbox View #10

Ariel goes Horror with her review of Double Walker! What does she think of this unnverving tale? Read now to find out!

Antiheroes Dark Horse Episodes

Issue 130 – Number Five (Umbrella Academy)

We take our first trip to the Umbrella Academy to study NUMBER FIVE! How can this child-man find better coping mechanisms? Tune in to find out!

Antiheroes DC Episodes

Issue 129 – Amanda Waller

Before The Suicide Squad premieres, we analyze AMANDA WALLER! Doc’s got an interesting idea for therapy, provided he manages to stay alive! Listen now!