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Stress and Triplets… You Have NO Idea!

Doc analyzes the Stepford Cuckoos as a trio, and compares them to real twin & triplet studies. As expected, nothing goes well.

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Issue 23 – Stepford Cuckoos

In conjunction with The Gifted Season 2 premiere, Anthony & Doc examine the Stepford Cuckoos! What problems could telepathic identical triplets possibly have? Plus, we’re pretty sure this is the first ever time WWE, Santeria, and Sweet Valley High are mentioned in the same hour! Listen now!

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Spawn – Made in the 90s and stuck there

Anthony talks about how Spawn is the perfect embodiment of the 90s, comic warts and all.

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Issue 22 – Spawn

It’s our second Patreon President selected episode – SPAWN! Find out what happens when an atheist becomes an agent of Hell! Plus references to the Simpsons, Annie Duke, and Pascal’s Wager! Listen now!


Why talk about Typhoid Mary when I can talk about Typhoid Mary?

Doc compares the historical Typhoid Mary to the comic portrayal. It doesn’t go well for anyone, least of all Doc.

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Issue 21 – Typhoid Mary

WE’RE BACK! Season 2 of Capes kicks off with a look at Typhoid Mary, the multiple personality seductress featured in Iron Fist S2 this week! So sit back and enjoy all the South Park references and psychoanalysis you can handle!