Episodes Heroes Marvel Mutants X-Men

Issue 142 – Polaris

Our Season 6 finale ends with a shocker, as we cover Polaris! What does Magneto’s daughter bring to the couch? Listen to find out!

Dynamite Entertainment Episodes Villains

Issue 141 – Homelander

We’re talking Homelander. And as befitting the character, this is our raunchiest and most vulgar therapy session yet – most definitely NSFW! Listen now!

DC Episodes Heroes Justice Leaguers Teen Titans

Issue 140 – Donna Troy

Some heroes have a confusing origin story. Donna Troy has them all beat. We tackle Wonder Girl and her conflicting stories – listen now!

Avengers Episodes Heroes Marvel

Issue 139 – Dane Whitman

Prior to the Eternals movie premiere, we cover the Black Knight, DANE WHITMAN! How many Monty Python jokes are made? The answer may surprise you!