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The Longbox View #11

The Longbox View returns! Ariel unpacks a host of references within Talia al Ghul’s self-appointed sobriquets – read now!

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Issue 135 – Starfire

Come with us to Tamaran as we talk STARFIRE! Why does Doc suggest she become a living mood ring? Listen now to find out!

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Issue 134 – Emma Frost

Prepare for a cold front, as we cover EMMA FROST! What does it take to defrost this ice queen? And how many jokes are made at Scott’s expense? Listen to find out!

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Issue 133 – Crystal

We head back to Attilan to review the Inhuman elemental mistress CRYSTAL! She’s been on every major team in Marvel, but does she get the respect she deserves? Listen now!

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Issue 132 – Shang-Chi

Before his film comes out, we cover the Master of Kung-Fu, SHANG-CHI! Let’s just say we hope your relationship with your father is better than his… listen now!