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Issue 34 – Mister Miracle

In honor of Christmas, we cover a red & green hero – MISTER MIRACLE! Anthony & Doc rave about Tom King’s run, and talk about how a solid marriage can make anyone a hero! Listen now!

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Ask Wilson Fisk

Doc works with the Kingpin, Wilson Fisk, on an advice column. As you can imagine, things don’t end on a positive note.

Episodes Marvel Spider Rogues Villains

Issue 33 – Kingpin

Before Into the Spider-Verse drops, Anthony & Doc tackle the KINGPIN, WILSON FISK! They also mourn the cancellation of Daredevil, and Anthony grinds his throat down during the skit doing his best Vincent D’Onofrio impression. Listen now!

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Issue 32 – Incredible Hulk

We cover the Incredible Hulk. And for a character this large, we need help, so we called upon our friends at Popcorn Psychology to guest host with us! This is our biggest and most fun episode yet, with a group therapy session you’ll have to hear to believe! Listen now!