Issue 33 – Kingpin

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  • Introduction

    • Shout out to Considered & Conceited

  • Background (10:12)

    • Created by Stan Lee and John Romita Sr. in The Amazing Spider-Man #50 (July 1967)

    • Grew up as obese child who was bullied for his weight until he started working out and took over a gang

    • Rose through the ranks to become a powerful crime lord, but had a front as a legitimate businessman which only gave him more power and access

    • Met a woman named Vanessa, they had a son named Richard who left the family when he found out what his father really did

    • Walked away from crime for a while to appease Vanessa, but came back after Vanessa’s apparent assassination by rival gangsters

    • Although he started off battling Spider-Man, his greatest nemesis is Daredevil

    • Hires Elektra and then Bullseye to go after Daredevil, and discovers he is really Matt Murdock – uses his power to attack Matt personally & professionally, but goes too far when Nuke kills dozens of people in Hell’s Kitchen and gets arrested

    • Unwittingly partners with HYDRA, who then steal his assets and he’s left alone

    • Turns over information on Murdock to the FBI in exchange for freedom, but they’re arrested together

    • Civil War: Tries to roll on Captain America to Iron Man, but betrays Tony as well – later puts out a hit on Peter Parker, but the bullet hits Aunt May, and Peter beats him up in prison

    • Vanessa dies, but her last wish is to have Matt Murdock represent Fisk – Matt gets all charges cleared against Fisk, but he has to leave the country

    • Shadowland – Kingpin helps Iron Fist & Luke Cage against a demon-possessed Matt, but uses Lady Bullseye to recapture Shadowland after Matt is defeated

    • Defeated by Superior Spider-Man and flees for San Francisco, where Matt was working and publicly operating as Daredevil – clashed once again with Matt

    • Moves back to NYC and advances himself as a write-in candidate for mayor – wins the election and goes after costumed vigilantes, especially Daredevil

  • Issues (16:47)

    • Obese childhood had impact on him as an adult

    • Ruthless pragmatism leaves him alone (24:30)

    • Obsession with Daredevil can leave him blindsided (31:20)

  • Treatment (37:11)

    • In-universe

    • Out of universe (41:04)

  • Skit (47:56)

  • Ending


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