Capes on the Couch Avengers,Episodes,Heroes,Marvel Issue 42 – Monica Rambeau

Issue 42 – Monica Rambeau

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  • Introduction

  • Background (8:29)

    • Monica Rambeau created by Roger Stern & John Romita, Jr. in The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #16 (October 1982)

    • A lieutenant in the New Orleans police department, she tried helping an old friend of her grandfather’s prevent the creation of a dangerous weapon, but in the process of destroying it, she was exposed to extra-dimensional energy, which gave her the power to convert her body to any form of energy – one of the men who witnessed the explosion said “the captain is a marvel”, so the media dubbed her Captain Marvel – kept the name to honor Mar-Vell, the original Captain Marvel, who had recently died – first costume created from old Mardi Gras costumes, then her grandfather’s friend created a costume for her out of unstable molecules

    • Joined the Avengers to gain control over her powers

    • Became leader of the team in 1987 – lost her powers after over-exerting herself battling Marrina, wife of Namor

    • Retired briefly from superhero duties until she regained her strength and powers

    • When Genis, son of Mar-Vell, became a superhero, he called himself Captain Marvel – after a brief argument with Monica, she changed her name to Photon

    • Rejoined the Avengers and was involved in mostly inter-galactic adventures

    • Genis-Vell wanted to get away from his father’s identity and began calling himself Photon – Monica once again had to change her name, this time to Pulsar

    • Led the Nextwave team against HATE

    • Changed her name to Spectrum, and led a Mighty Avengers team after Infinity

    • Tried to destroy the Ultimate Universe to prevent it from destroying Earth 616, but Ultimate Reed Richards was able to stop her

  • Issues (13:34)

    • Starts off as legacy character even though she has no connection to the original

    • After recovery of powers, has some phobias about using her powers, especially underwater (20:17)

    • In Nextwave, constantly brags about her leadership of the Avengers (25:53)

  • Treatment (31:27)

    • In-universe

    • Out of universe (35:34)

  • Skit (46:21)

  • Ending


  • J. Edgar Hoover/Ghostbusters – Anthony – 11:35
  • Baby Shark – Doc – 11:50
  • Michael Jordan – Doc – 15:20
  • Space Jam – Anthony – 15:51
  • “Space Jam” by Quad City DJs – Anthony – 15:53
  • Harold Miner – Doc – 16:20
  • Ric Flair – Anthony – 27:29
  • The Miz – Anthony – 28:26
  • “For You I Will” by Monica – Anthony – 30:57
  • Redshirt – Anthony – 32:26
  • “Don’t Take It Personal (Just One Of Dem Days)” by Monica – 35:08
  • Code switching – Anthony – 42:06
  • “Angel of Mine” by Monica – Anthony – 55:34

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