Capes on the Couch Episodes,Thematic Issue 77 – Secret Identities

Issue 77 – Secret Identities

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  • Intro
    • First episode where the Patron is a guest! Welcome to Matt!
    • Shoutout to Nooks & Crannies – Matty & Evan talk about the politics of everyday life, and all the little things that go along with it (NSFW) –
    • New t-shirt design coming soon! We promise!
    • MH Avengers recording sesh next week, so new episode coming there
  • Background (07:00)
    • Secret identities in fiction existed before comic books – the Scarlet Pimpernel and Zorro both predate comics
    • First comic book character with secret identity was the Phantom, who was before Superman, the most famous alter ego in comics
    • Most superheroes had secret identities for decades – Fantastic Four were the first mainstream heroes to be “out and proud”
    • Since then, much has been discussed about whether secret identities are needed or worthy – big stories about heroes “coming out” include Peter Parker in Civil War, and Superman: The Truth by BMB
    • Secret identities are defended as a way to allow the hero to have a private life, as well as protect their loved ones – but it also creates the scenario where they are living a “double life” that they have to hide, creating strain on the hero
  • Issues
    • Are alter egos, or anonymity in general, a psychologically healthy thing?
    • Real life corollary – downside to anonymity allows for things like doxxing, harassment, swatting, etc. (24:20)
    • People in dangerous positions can’t always be public with their social media posts (39:00)
  • Break (51:19)
  • Treatment (53:02)
    • In-universe/out of universe –  Technology has accelerated this, but the scenario has existed for quite some time
  • Ending 
    • Next episodes: Shredder, MH Avengers: Age of Access (Pt. 2), Dick Grayson, Laura Kinney


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