Episodes Marvel Villains

Issue 99 – Ego the Living Planet

We travel to the Black Galaxy to examine our largest character yet – EGO THE LIVING PLANET! Strap in for a wild ride – this one goes deep into Ego’s core!

Batfamily DC Episodes Heroes

Issue 74 – Alfred Pennyworth

We tidy ourselves up for a look at Batman’s butler ALFRED PENNYWORTH! Why does he keep working for a loner like Bruce? And how would he actually be like a Real Housewife? Listen now to find out!

Episodes Heroes Marvel Mutants X-Men

Issue 29 – Wolverine

We’re the best at what we do, and what we do is analyze WOLVERINE! Doc & Anthony break down James “Logan” Howlett and his relationships. Plus Doc sings Peter Cetera and Anthony goes Tough Mudder on Kitty Pryde. Listen now!