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Creators on the Couch – Erica Schultz 6

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We sit down for the SIXTH time with writer Erica Schultz in advance of the release of Rat City. Get comfy, folks, this is our longest creator interview yet – almost TWO HOURS LONG!

  • Intro
  • Background
    • What would it take to get you on a Marvel ongoing?
    • Dream character & artist/team?
  • X-23: Deadly Regenesis
    • Why go back to this period of Laura’s life?
    • Created Haymaker, a transmasc non-binary MMA fighter, as the main villain – how did that come about? (21:20)
  • Hallows Eve (28:31)
    • New evolution for Janine Godbe/Elizabeth Tyne/Mary Bailey/Sarah Porter
    • Powered masks: did you come up with the masks first and then their impact on story, or was it “what’s the story?” and then work the masks in?
  • What If: Dark Moon Knight (34:08)
    • How did you select this particular jumping off point? Moon Knight vs. Bushman happens so many times, why this one?
    • Nice to see Marlene take an active role in a MK story, even if it’s not necessarily clean
  • Daredevil: Gang War (50:06)
    • Previously written Matt as Daredevil, now Elektra: how to write legacy characters with different voices
    • What’s it like working on an event tie-in? How much freedom do you have for story you want to tell within obvious constraints, how much editorial oversight, etc?
  • Rat City (77:15)
    • How did you get this gig?
    • Spawn cover for Deadliest Bouquet, now an actual Spawn book!
    • What led to this expansion of the Spawn universe?
    • How much do you have to understand Spawn to follow this story?
    • Love the commentary on soldiers being chewed up & spit out, flaws of capitalism, etc.
  • Any new stories coming up?
    • Blood Hunters & Darth Maul Black White & Red: – more Marvel mini/tie-ins
  • Ending
    • Plugs for social


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