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Issue 6 – Jessica Jones

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Anthony and Dr. Issues take on the reluctant superheroine-turned-private-investigator, Jessica Jones! Alcoholism and PTSD make for a dangerous combination, but our hosts are up to the task… Dr. Issues’s office, notsomuch…

Show notes:

  • Introduction
  • Background
    • Introduced in Alias, as part of Marvel MAX imprint
    • Born Jessica Campbell, classmate of Peter Parker
    • Car collides with truck carrying radioactive chemicals, rest of family dies and she’s in a coma
    • Adopted by Jones family, discovers she has super strength
    • Becomes Jewel, no-name superhero
    • Mind controlled by Purple Man, almost kills Daredevil, rescued by Carol Danvers
    • Dates Scott Lang, then Luke Cage
    • Joins Daily Bugle as superhero correspondent
    • Has Cage’s baby (Danielle), and then marries him
    • Initially sides with Captain America during Civil War
      • Attacked by the Hood, and joins the pro-reg side to protect Danielle
    • Rejoins Avengers (New Avengers), but quits once again to protect Danielle
    • Joins Defenders during Secret Empire
    • Helps Maria Hill evade SHIELD assassins, and reconciles with Luke
  • Major issues
    • Listener question: Paul – “why does Jessica suppress/ignore her powers, and why does she become self-destructive?”
    • Alcoholism
    • PTSD as a result of Purple Man
    • More focused on investigating others than her own demons
  • Treatment
    • In-universe: use telepaths, befriend Luke Cage, group therapy
    • Out-of-universe: combination of therapy and medication
  • Next episode: Rorschach from Watchmen
  • April 25th – special Infinity War episode – THANOS




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