Capes on the Couch Episodes,Marvel,Villains Issue 21 – Typhoid Mary

Issue 21 – Typhoid Mary

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WE’RE BACK! Season 2 of Capes kicks off with a look at Typhoid Mary, the multiple personality seductress featured in Iron Fist S2 this week! So sit back and enjoy all the South Park references and psychoanalysis you can handle!


  • Introduction/welcome back
  • Changes to the show for Season 2 (01:55)
  • Anthony’s Extra Life fundraiser (09:30)
  • Background (13:15)
    • Mary Walker, created by Ann Nocenti and John Romita, Jr. in Daredevil #254 (May 1988)
    • Suffers from multiple personalities – Mary is weak and sickly, Typhoid is impulsive and lustful
    • Typhoid has low level telekinesis and psionic ability to manipulate men
    • Hired by Kingpin for her dual abilities – Mary to seduce Matt Murdock, Typhoid to battle Daredevil
    • Typhoid also seduced Kingpin, although she couldn’t control him well
    • Defeated Daredevil and nearly killed him, until Mary’s guilt took over and she saved him
    • Created additional personality – Bloody Mary – sadistic man-hater who kills domestic abusers
    • Mary becomes friends with Mary Jane Watson while Typhoid/Bloody Mary fight Spider-Man
    • Mary regains control and gets treatment
    • While in institution, each personality hired a mercenary – Mary hired Deadpool to kill her, Typhoid hired Deadpool to break her out, and Bloody hired the Vamp/Animus to break her out for a killing spree
    • Typhoid joins Deadpool and they have semi-romantic relationship until he tries to reform her
    • She gets captured and sent to the Raft, where she breaks out and begins working for Kingpin again
    • Joins Shadow Initiative as “Mutant Zero” and works for Henry Gyrich until she’s outed by Taskmaster
    • “Shadowland” – she joins the Hand and fights alongside Daredevil (who’s really the Beast), and then reports to Kingpin who uses code words to reveal he’s been controlling her all along
    • Lady Deathstrike’s Sisterhood of Mutants – joins with Enchantress to take down X-Men, but gets defeated by Psylocke
  • Issues
    • Multiple personalities
    • Mary is weak, often sick – sickness is healed when Typhoid takes over – guilt-ridden and suicidal
    • Typhoid is hypersexual and impulsive
    • Bloody is misandrous and sadistic
  • Treatment
    • In-universe – use Magneto’s helmet, try to keep Mary in control
    • Out-of-universe – help her find her voice, build off small successes
  • Skit
  • Ending


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