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Issue 90 – Uatu the Watcher

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  • Intro
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  • Background (13:09)
    • Uatu the Watcher created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in Fantastic Four #13 (April 1963)
    • First introduced as The Watcher, who lived on the Blue Area of the Moon – introduced himself to the Fantastic Four, who discovered him when they landed there
    • Part of a nearly immortal race of beings whose sole purpose was to observe civilizations – they made this vow after introducing nuclear power to one group of people, who used it to destroy one another
    • Despite his vow of non-interference, he helped the Fantastic Four defeat Galactus by helping Johnny Storm find the Ultimate Nullifier
    • Was later put on trial by his own people after numerous violations of the vow – released on his own recognizance
    • Kicked out of the Watchers after disintegrating his own nephew, Aron, who went rogue, and used his energy to revive The One, leader of the Watchers
    • Later reinstated, and popped up to observe major events – like Civil War & Secret Invasion
    • Basically, every time Uatu shows up, one of two things happen – he either observes wordlessly, which worries the characters involved; or he interferes to aid humanity
    • Original Sin – the Avengers discover his body on the moon, and his eyes removed – it was revealed that he was attacked and had one of his eyes stolen, and when Nick Fury showed up to interrogate him, he refused – so Nick killed him and stole his other eye so he could see what he had seen – revealing that the Orb and other villains had attacked his armory on the Moon
  • Issues (17:02)
    • Per Matt: addicted to interfering
    • Repeating sins of the father – Uatu’s father, Ikor, was the one who decided to provide nuclear power to Prosilicus (24:42)
    • Voyeurism (32:01)
  • Break (40:50)
  • Treatment (42:56) 
    • In-universe – Install a “U-chip” to limit his watching
    • Out of universe – Revolve team of therapists to avoid normalizing behavior (46:07)
  • Skit (51:34)
  • Ending (56:40)


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