Capes on the Couch Episodes,Thematic Issue 93 – Quipping

Issue 93 – Quipping

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  • Intro
    • Thanks for donations to Extra Life – beat the puzzle in 6:19:44 – still taking donations – potential video game livestream coming in a few weeks
    • Last week for nominations – next week nominees will be announced for 100th episode
  • Background (02:43)
    • Quipping in comics is as old as the medium itself
    • “It’s hailed as a sign of wittiness, but let’s call it what it is: a mechanism for covering up the manifestations of anxiety in high-stress situations… it’s still a problem screaming for attention, and there has to be better ways to deal with it”
    • Ramped up in the 60s – Stan Lee wrote almost all of his characters as witty jokesters, ESPECIALLY Spider-Man
    • Spider-Man is the patron saint, so much so that if he’s NOT cracking a joke, something is horribly wrong
    • Flip side is Batman – no joking, which gives his rogues gallery plenty of room to do so
  • Issues (09:44)
    • Barry Allen’s words shouldn’t be able to be heard by anyone except other speedsters, and even then, it’s likely violative of physics in some way
    • Obvious point – time – it’s a function of the medium, but there’s a LOT of talking during fights that shouldn’t be happening
    • Wit as distraction vs Wit as humor – there is a difference between getting an opponent to respect your side or pause in debate, vs the (typical) comedic delivery in fictional prose (17:15)
    • Personality and situation are key (why quips backfire in the wrong crowd) (27:15)
  • Break (45:03)
  • Treatment (46:58)
    • In-universe
  • Ending (60:30)
    • Next episodes: Baphomet (with guest Jered from Fantom Zone), Killer Croc, Black Adam
    • Plugs for social


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