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  • Intro
    • WW84 review
  • Background (03:30)
  • Scarlet Witch, Wanda Maximoff created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in The X-Men #4 (March 1964)
  • Vision created by Roy Thomas, Stan Lee, and John Buscema in Avengers 57 (Oct. 1968)
  • Both were villains originally opposed to Avengers before joining their ranks
  • Wanda and Quicksilver are twins, born of Magda, wife of Magneto – originally believed they were the children of the Whizzer, before becoming Magneto’s children, and then not actually mutants – raised by Bova, a half cow woman genetically enhanced by the High Evolutionary – BECAUSE COMICS, PEOPLE
  • Vision has the body of the original Human Torch, Jim Hammond, with the brain patterns of Simon Williams, aka Wonder Man – he was created by Ultron-5 in an effort to battle against Hank Pym – later learned that Immortus split Hammond into 2 entities, in an effort to prevent Wanda from having children
  • In 1970, Wanda rejoins the team and soon becomes romantically involved with Vision, despite their obvious differences 
  • They get married in Giant Size Avengers #4, and later star in 2 limited series titled Vision & Scarlet Witch – they move to Leonia, New Jersey
  • Wanda uses her hex powers to give birth to twins, William and Thomas
  • Vision is dismantled, and when he’s rebuilt he no longer has Simon’s brain waves, so he is an emotionless android
  • The children are revealed to be fragments of Mephisto’s soul, and are reabsorbed into him – this drives Wanda mad
  • She uses chaos magic to create distractions and attack the Avengers, including taking control of Vision’s body and using it to launch Ultron drones – She-Hulk rips Vision in half
  • Wanda’s insanity leads to House of M, where she recreates reality to a world where Magento and his family rule the world – as the heroes fight back, Wanda finally snaps and declares “no more mutants” – the world returns to “normal”, but the overwhelming majority of mutants have lost their powers, leaving only a few hundred with abilities
  • Wiccan and Speed from the Young Avengers believe themselves to be reincarnations of William & Thomas, and seek out Wanda, hoping to undo her insanity
  • Vision gets reassembled by Tony Stark, and although he forgives Jen for ripping him apart, he does not forgive Wanda for using him to attack their friends, and forbids her from entering Avengers Mansion
  • Issues (25:18)
    • Wanda – uncertainty about her past and family connections
    • Vision – constantly questioning validity of his emotions, and whether he can truly feel connected to anyone (33:16)
    • Marriage – constantly under threat not only from external forces, but their own unique pairing (41:35)
  • Break (52:49)
  • Treatment (54:43)
    • In-universe – Doc and Wanda do journaling; ask Vision who and what he wants to be
    • Out of universe – (58:36)
  • Ending
    • Recommended reading: Vision & Scarlet Witch miniseries
    • Review read: dcdc23 – Fantastic show! If you’re a fan of superheroes and also fascinated by the human mind then You’ll love this show. Both the hosts are a delight and I’m so glad I found this podcast!
    • Next episodes: Clones, Catwoman (Ariel), Levana Blackburn (Ruby)
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