Capes on the Couch Episodes,Thematic Issue 106 – Clones

Issue 106 – Clones

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 Issue 106 – Clones

  • Intro
    • President level slot open in Patreon – $10/mo gets you pick of episodes and characters
  • Background
  • Spider-Man Clone Saga
  • Jean Grey/Madelyne Pryor (17:08)
  • Superman/Bizarro/Kon-El (25:03)
  • Jamie Madrox (35:26)
  • Issues for “original”
  • Issues for “clone”
  • Real-world analogues
    • Family history not what it was
    • You were lied to about your past
  • Break (65:39)
    • Plugs for I Never Saw That, plus Saladin Ahmed
  • Treatment (66:11)
    • In-universe – bring it back to basics of cognitive behavioral therapy
    • Out of universe – validate emotions and go from there
  • Ending
    • Recommended reading: Clone Saga
    • Next episodes: Catwoman, Levana Blackburn, Superman: Red Son
    • Plugs for social


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