Capes on the Couch Bonus,Creator Interviews Frank Martin – Polar Paradox

Frank Martin – Polar Paradox

Intro – Frank Martin

Background – other books written

  • Polar Paradox
    • Where did the idea for the story come from? (3:53)
    • Characters – 
      • Greg – reminds me of Hudson from Aliens
      • Yu – ostensible leader, but I feel like he’s usurped in that role by Linda (10:40)
      • Linda – most level-headed one, especially in light of circumstances (13:48)
      • Not alone down there – what happened prior to that to leave character in that mindset?
      • Geographic tropes centuries old – what did you do to put new spin on them?
      • Clearly leaves ending open for more story – how much mapped out? (19:44)
    • Artwork – where did you find Antonio Mastria?
    • What’s next? (25:53)
    • Kickstarter plug

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