Bonus Creators on the Couch Episodes

Creators on the Couch – Allen Dunford & Will Radford – Pocus Hocus

We talk to Allen Dunford & Will Radford, writers of Pocus Hocus, about their new Kickstarter campaign. If you like horror & comedy, you’ll LOVE this book. Listen now!

Creator Interview – Pocus Hocus

  • Intro – Allen Dunford & Will Radford
  • Questions
    • Your backgrounds (2:41)
    • First story (5:34)
    • Where did the story come from (6:51)
    • What drove Pocus to sell his soul? (13:52)
    • How much did you “write what you know” (18:18)
    • Demon’s backstory & motivation (22:30)
    • How did you find the artists (26:15)
    • How far in advance do you have the story mapped out (31:24)
    • Will each future issue be its own, or will there be bundles? (37:40)
    • Timeframe for issue 3 (39:10)
    • Where can people find you on social media (40:55)
  • Pocus Hocus Kickstarter

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