Issue 1 – Eddie Brock

Issue 1 – Eddie Brock post thumbnail image

Our debut episode, where Anthony & Dr. Issues introduce themselves, discuss Eddie Brock, and discover that psychiatrists are underwear salesmen. Sort of. It’s a metaphor.

Show notes:

  • Introduction
  • Background on Eddie Brock
    • Journalist ruined by Spider-Man
    • Temporary truce to battle Carnage
    • Anti-hero influenced by Spider-Man’s generosity
    • “Separation Anxiety” – Battles spawns
    • Return to villainy
    • “The Hunger” – Cancer
    • “New Ways to Die” – Anti-Venom
    • Brief stint as Toxin
    • Re-bonded to Venom
  • Primary issues
    • Mother died during birth, distant father
    • Jealousy of Spider-Man
    • Projection
  • How to address issues
    • Separate symbiote
    • Realize that Parker/Spider-Man doesn’t control life
    • Focus on positives and self

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