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Issue 122 – Creators on the Couch – Erica Schultz Deadliest Bouquet

We bring Erica Schultz back for her 4th appearance to talk about 1998, Teaneck, and Zubaz pants. Oh, and her new book, The Deadliest Bouquet!

 Issue 122 – Erica Schultz (Deadliest Bouquet)

  • Intro
  • Questions:
    • Impetus for story (3:32)
    • Why Kickstarter? (12:12)
    • What inspired setting – where in North Jersey are we?
    • Violent Violet – very aggressive overall
    • Responsible Rose – what made her stay with their mother? (26:30)
    • Princess Poppy – seemingly only one with other family – how does that impact her take on this? (32:58)
    • Jasmine – what made her make that decision? (38:30)
    • Kickstarter bonuses (47:36)
    • Finding the artists (49:00)


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