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Issue 24 – Governor

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Our first ever listener-poll chosen episode – THE GOVERNOR from the Walking Dead! Doc shudders over the unholy trinity of sexual taboos, and Anthony makes the fewest pop culture references in an episode! Listen now!

(SIDE NOTE: After we recorded, we realized we had miscounted, and this was the 24th episode, not the 25th. Rather than re-record the intro, we left it in. Whoops.)


  • Introduction
    • Anthony met his Extra Life fundraising goal – head will be shaved later this week!
  • Background (07:28)
    • The Governor, Brian Blake – created by Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, and Cliff Rathburn in The Walking Dead #27 (April 2006)
    • Head of Woodbury, Georgia, a small community of survivors who welcomes Rick Grimes and his crew
    • Rick is disturbed to learn the Governor uses zombies as entertainment, and forces people to fight each other
    • He has a small zombie girl chained up in his private living quarters – it’s his niece, Penny, and their relationship becomes more sexual as the series progresses
    • The Governor turns on Rick and his group after they refuse to accept his leadership, and cuts off Rick’s hand
    • Has Michonne tied up and rapes her repeatedly
    • Lets everyone escape with the help of a guard, Martinez – keeps Michonne behind to continue abusing her – she breaks free and cuts off his arm, fingernails, and penis, and removes his left eye – he survives the ordeal thanks to a citizen with medical expertise
    • Uses Martinez’s death to rally Woodbury to attack Rick’s group at their prison stronghold
    • Tries to negotiate by using Tyreese as a hostage, but decapitates him with Michonne’s katana
    • Woodbury residents assault the prison with a tank, but after one of them shoots Lori and Judith, they turn on the Governor and throw him to the zombies
  • Issues (19:08)
    • Charismatic sociopath
    • Grandiose and power hungry
    • Relationship with Penny (28:35)
  • Treatment (32:25)
    • In-universe
    • Out-of-universe
  • Skit (43:25)
  • Ending


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