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Issue 31 – Doctor Strange

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[EDITOR’S NOTE: This show was recorded prior to Stan Lee’s passing, and as such no mention was made of it. We will honor The Man during our next episode, fittingly about the Incredible Hulk.]


  • Introduction

  • Background (04:19)

    • Created by Stan Lee & Steve Ditko in Strange Tales #110 (July 1963)

    • Stephen Strange is an arrogant surgeon whose hands are severely damaged in a car accident, and seeks a cure for his tremors – finds the Ancient One in the Himalayas – saves Ancient One from attack by Baron Mordo, and in return Ancient One agrees to teach Strange about the mystic arts

    • Returns to NY and takes up residence in Sanctum Santorum, on Bleecker St. in Greenwich Village, and has assistant Wong

    • Fought Dormammu, Satannish, and Vishanti – powerful beings of mystical power

    • Passed a test against Death and given immortal life

    • Worked as consultant to law enforcement on magical matters

    • Met a young woman named Clea, who turned out to be Dormammu’s niece – they fell in love

    • Helped create the Defenders, alongside Namor and the Hulk – battled Undying Ones and other foes

    • In the late 1980s, the Sanctum Santorum was destroyed, and along with it numerous artifacts and spellbooks, which left Strange less powerful

    • Lost the title of Sorcerer Supreme after he refused to fight the Vishanti, and resorted to using chaos magic, which is wielded by Scarlet Witch

    • One of the founders of the Illuminati, along with Xavier, Tony Stark, Black Bolt, Reed Richards, and Namor

    • Later renounced his title of Sorcerer Supreme and gave up the Eye of Agamotto – that passed to Brother Voodoo

    • Regained the title after Voodoo sacrificed himself, and joined the New Avengers

    • Wiped Captain America’s memory after Steve refused to help Illuminati use the Infinity Gauntlet to save Earth from incursions, which led to “Infinity” event

    • “Secret Wars” – Served as Sheriff to God Emperor Doom, until Doom kills him for protecting heroes from 616 and 1610 universes

    • After universe is restored, Strange wields an axe to complement his magic skills

    • Loki tricks him into handing over his title, possessions, and home – allies with Sentry and becomes possessed by the Void in order to defeat Loki

    • Damnation – after Hydra destroyed Las Vegas, Strange used magic to revert things to normal, but in so doing unleashed a hellish hotel on the Strip, and was dragged to hell by Mephisto – turned into Ghost Rider, but managed to escape hell after tricking Dormammu, and then Strange and the Midnight Sons battled demons and saved Las Vegas

  • Issues (14:10)

    • Arrogance

    • Frequently loses title of Sorcerer Supreme, which leaves him uncertain as to his path in life – (19:43)

    • Why not return to becoming a doctor? (25:52)

  • Treatment (34:14)

    • In-universe

    • Out of universe

  • Skit (42:16)

  • Ending


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