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Issue 108 – Phillip Kennedy Johnson

Just as The Last God finishes up, we talk to writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson! What inspired him to write Last Sons of America? How did his personal fighting style influence Kill a Man? And what’s to come on Superman & Alien? Listen now to find out!

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  • How PKJ got started in writing
  • Last Sons of America
    • What was impetus for story
    • Commentary on white America
    • Jackie & Julian – Jackie ever the “older brother”, Julian the “smarter” one (13:00)
    • Harper Rowe – double agent of sorts playing the long game (18:55)
  • Kill a Man (22:00)
    • Commentary on hypermasculinity of MMA world
    • Duality of title – not just death of DJ Bellyi, but of James’ secret
    • Xavier Mayne – difficulty of living with what he did, plus the stigma (38:43)
    • How the ending was crafted (41:07)
    • Discussion of the artwork (46:00)
  • The Last God (47:38)
    • Where did you come up with the idea of parallel timelines for the story?
    • How much work was put into world building for additional stories? (53:07)
  • Superman & Alien (58:46)
    • What can we expect from the Superman run?
    • How much of the existing Alien mythology is going to be in the book? (65:04) 
  • Ending
    • Next episodes: Levana Blackburn (Lunar Chronicles), Superman: Red Son, Black Mask


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