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Issue 108 – Phillip Kennedy Johnson

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  • How PKJ got started in writing
  • Last Sons of America
    • What was impetus for story
    • Commentary on white America
    • Jackie & Julian – Jackie ever the “older brother”, Julian the “smarter” one (13:00)
    • Harper Rowe – double agent of sorts playing the long game (18:55)
  • Kill a Man (22:00)
    • Commentary on hypermasculinity of MMA world
    • Duality of title – not just death of DJ Bellyi, but of James’ secret
    • Xavier Mayne – difficulty of living with what he did, plus the stigma (38:43)
    • How the ending was crafted (41:07)
    • Discussion of the artwork (46:00)
  • The Last God (47:38)
    • Where did you come up with the idea of parallel timelines for the story?
    • How much work was put into world building for additional stories? (53:07)
  • Superman & Alien (58:46)
    • What can we expect from the Superman run?
    • How much of the existing Alien mythology is going to be in the book? (65:04) 
  • Ending
    • Next episodes: Levana Blackburn (Lunar Chronicles), Superman: Red Son, Black Mask


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