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Issue 46 – Xavier and Magneto

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Issue 46 – Relationship between Charles Xavier and Magneto

  • Background (6:56)

    • Introduced as mortal enemies in The X-Men #1 (Sept. 1963)

    • Xavier was the head of the Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters, while Magneto was the mutant extremist trying to eradicate mankind

    • Later revealed that they were old friends working together to help Holocaust victims in Israel – neither knew the other was a mutant at first, but they learned of their powers and parted ways, knowing their views were incompatible

    • After decades of villainy, Magneto begins to change his mind on humans – eventually turns himself in to be judged for his crimes

    • A dying Xavier asks Magneto to watch over the school, which he does for a time

    • Magneto eventually returns to his evil ways after the world refsues to accept his reformation

    • Since then, Magneto has continued to fight for domination over mankind, but will ally with the X-Men if he feels they’re doing what’s best for mutantkind

  • Issues (12:01)

    • Magneto’s hatred and distrust of mankind stem from suffering through the Holocaust – PTSD?

    • Xavier’s optimism – where does it come from? (19:00)

    • Why does Magneto continue to defend Charles even though Charles stands opposed to him? (31:35)

    • Comparison between Xavier/Magneto and MLK/Malcolm X (38:00)

  • Treatment (53:00)

    • In-universe

    • Out of universe (58:43)

  • Skit (66:49)

  • End


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