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Issue 45 – Creators on the Couch – Nadia Van Dyne

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  • Intro

  • Background (11:12)

    • Created by Mark Waid and Alan Davis in Free Comic Book Day 2016 Civil War II (July 2016)

    • Daughter of Hank Pym and his first wife Maria Trovaya – Maria was abducted and killed by foreign agents, Nadia was raised in Red Room as assassin until they learned who her father was – placed her in science program to use her genetic aptitude

    • Reverse-engineered Pym Particles and escaped, hoping to meet her father – discovers he is dead

    • Creates a new Wasp suit to honor her father’s memory

    • Joins the Avengers and becomes a US citizen

    • Creates Genius In action Research Labs (G.I.R.L.) to recruit young women with science backgrounds

    • Takes the name Van Dyne to thank Janet for her help

  • Interview with Jeremy (15:30)

    • How he got started in comics

    • How he came to write Nadia
    • How he created Nadia’s support system (33:45)
    • Nadia’s treatment in-universe (43:20)

    • The artists’ thoughts on a dialogue heavy series (46:00)

    • A skit on Nadia’s treatment became unnecessary (49:50)

    • What’s next for Nadia and what is next for Jeremy? (60:47)

  • Outro



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