Issue 55 – Cletus Kasady

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  • Intro

    • Shoutout to Cage’s Kiss podcast – Every episode covers another Nicolas Cage film

  • Background (02:36)

    • Cletus Kasady created by David Michelinie and Erik Larsen in The Amazing Spider-Man #344 (March 1991)

      • Created because Michelinie wanted to kill off Eddie Brock in ASM 400, but he was too popular – Aunt May killed off instead

    • Born in Ravencroft Asylum, but his heart stopped for a few minutes until he was revived by an ancient evil who foresaw that Cletus would be the one to free him

    • As a child, he pushed his grandmother down a flight of stairs and killed her, threw a hair dryer in the bathtub with his mother, and killed his mother’s dog with a drill

    • His father went to jail for beating his mother, so he was raised in an orphanage, which he burned down after killing the administrator

    • Grew up to become a serial killer, and shared a cell at Ryker’s with Eddie Brock – when the Venom symbiote rebonded with him, a piece broke off and merged with Kasady, creating Carnage

    • Spider-Man and Venom teamed up to defeat him, and the symbiote was thought to be destroyed, but it was bonded to his blood

    • “Maximum Carnage” – he broke out of the Vault and joined other villains to take over New York, until he was defeated by a collection of heroes

    • Later being held in the Raft – escaped, but grabbed by Sentry, flown out of the atmosphere, and ripped in half

    • Repeatedly captured, breaks out, and kills again

    • AXIS – morality inverted and becomes a hero who sacrifices himself to save humanity from the inverted X-Men

    • Absolute Carnage – symbiote returns and bonds with the aforementioned ancient evil to wreak havoc

  • Issues (10:20)

    • Displays Conduct Disorder as a child – intervention could have prevented further problems

    • Nihilist mindset – believes laws are meaningless, and only chaos is true freedom (26:15)

    • Symbiote and its impact on his mental state – (34:30)

  • Break

  • Treatment (39:55)

    • In-universe

    • Out of universe (47:10)

  • Skit (54:29)

  • Ending
    • Next episodes – Ultimate Reed Richards (Maker), Survivor’s Guilt
    • We have a Discord!
    • Anthony’s fundraiser night at George & Martha’s
    • Listener survey


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