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Issue 58 – Hawkeye (Matt Fraction run)

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  • Intro

    • Shoutout to The Struggle Bus – a bi-weekly advice podcast hosted by Katharine & Sally – they answer questions and offer opinions, it’s mental health without judgment

  • Background (4:16)

    • Hawkeye, Clint Barton – created by Stan Lee & Don Heck in Tales of Suspense #57 (Sept. 1964)

    • Orphaned as a young boy – he and his brother Barney joined the circus

    • Grew up as a circus performer with incredible aim with projectiles, particularly a bow & arrow

    • Used his skills initially as a thief before reforming and becoming an Avenger

    • Met, fell in love with, and marries Bobbi Morse, aka Mockingbird, a former SHIELD agent turned Avenger – rendered mostly deaf after use of a sonic arrow to defeat Crossfire

    • Marriage became strained, and they break up – begins dating Jessica Drew, aka Spider-Woman

    • As series begins, he is living in an apartment building in Bed-Stuy that is under assault by Russian mob – he and Kate Bishop, also Hawkeye, defend the building and its tenants – Clint buys the building and becomes de facto superintendent, but learns it’s much bigger than one building

    • Clint begins regretting taking on all the responsibility, but realizes no one else will do it, and despite his repeated assurances that he can do it alone, he needs help

    • Unfortunately, his attitude drives Kate away to LA (and she took the dog with her) – she deals with Madam Masque

    • His brother Barney shows up to help Clint, and takes a beating intended for Clint before stealing a ton of cash from him and leaving

    • In the end, the good guys win, but at a cost

  • Issues (11:38)

    • Clint’s lone wolf mindset gets him in trouble

    • Feels guilt over place in superhero-dom

    • Despite that, he gives people chances, even if it comes back to bite him

  • Break (35:10)

  • Treatment (37:14)

    • In-universe

    • Out of universe

  • Skit (49:24)

  • Ending (55:43)
    • Next episodes: Roy Harper, NYCC interviews
    • Listener survey
    • Live appearance at Rogue Comics in Cranford NJ


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