Issue 59 – NYCC Part 1

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  • Intro
    • Cullen Bunn (3:20)

      • What’s he working on

      • Moon Knight – what did he want to focus on writing Marc?

      • Is Khonshu real or not?

      • How did he come up with the various Priests of Khonshu in the Acts of Evil annual?

      • How did he come to write Moon Knight originally?

      • Who’s his favorite personality of Moon Knight?

      • What does he hope to see in the Disney+ show?

    • Howard Mackie (12:37)

      • What was inspiration for Danny Ketch?

      • What aspects of Danny are based on Howard?

      • Danny’s relationship with his mom

      • What baggage did Danny carry because he lost his sister in his origin?

      • How did he differentiate Danny from Johnny Blaze?

      • How did he differentiate Ben Reilly and Kaine from Peter Parker?

      • What’s coming up next?

    • Meredith Finch (26:44)

      • Wonder Woman – what did she want to tell through Diana

      • What perspective did she bring as a woman writing Wonder Woman?

      • How did she write Diana with the burden of being a hopeful character?

      • What other stories did she want to tell with Diana?

      • Xena – what would she do that Wonder Woman wouldn’t do?

      • Rose – who is Rose and what is her story?

      • What is her next project?

    • Jeremy Whitley (36:03)

      • Did he choose to put Maker as the villain of the book or was that an editorial decision?

      • How did Rikki Barnes end up in the book?

      • What does Jeremy like about the Maker as a character?

      • Julie Power – was she intended as POV character?

      • Julie vs. Maker – dealing with heartbreak in different ways

      • Family – themes recurring in the book

      • What’s next?

    • Gail Simone (48:45)

      • Tell us about Seven Days, the new book

    • Ending
      • Next episode – part 2 of NYCC interviews, then Roy Harper


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