Issue 68 – Medusa

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  • Intro

    • Mental Health Avengers

    • Review read – Cinemondo Podcast “A unique perspective on the Super Hero genre. Refreshing and fun discussion that goes deep into the psychology of the superheroes you know and love. Fascinating listen!“

    • Shoutout to Cinemondo – Kathy, Mark, and Burke review genre films – all 3 work in the industry, so they know what they’re talking about, and have some fascinating guests on the show

  • Background (04:06)

    • Medusa, full name Medusalith Amaquelin-Boltagon, created by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby in Fantastic Four #36 (March 1965)

    • Originally a member of the “Frightful Four”, enemies of the Fantastic Four, who had her under mind control until Professor Xavier helped break her free

    • Later revealed that she is a member of the Inhumans, mutated by the Terrigen Mists to provide their race with extraordinary powers – hers is prehensile hair

    • Fell in love with her distant cousin Black Bolt, and they married to become king & queen of the Inhumans

    • Temporarily joined the Fantastic Four as a replacement for Sue Richards

    • Gave birth to a son, Ahura, who became the Judy Winslow of the Marvel Universe

    • Has to fight off the advances of Black Bolt’s brother, Maximus the Mad, on numerous occasions

    • Due to Black Bolt’s powers, she serves as interpreter, a role she chafes at

    • She takes over as leader of the Inhumans upon Black Bolt’s death in “Realm of Kings”, and replaces Black Bolt in the Illuminati for a time

    • Helped rebuild Attilan during the Inhumanity storyline when the Terrigen Bomb exploded, creating thousands of new Inhumans

    • When Black Bolt was revealed to be alive, she attacked him for setting off the Terrigen Bomb and then abandoning her

    • She then had an affair with Johnny Storm, until Black Bolt returned and apologized to her

    • Abdicated the throne during the Inhumans vs. X-Men arc, wanting to establish a democracy among the Inhumans – also destroyed the Terrigen cloud in order to save mutants

    • As a result of that act, her hair began falling out, similar to her dying – she takes Primagen, which restores her hair and health

  • Issues (10:52)

    • Does not always appreciate having to speak for her husband – feels that she doesn’t have voice of her own

    • Difficulty at times in dealing with leadership role as queen – has left or abdicated the throne a few times (18:58)

    • Difficulty with losing hair – serves as major part of her identity (27:40)

  • Break (34:04)

  • Treatment (35:46)

    • In-universe

    • Out of universe (40:00)

  • Skit (44:58)

  • Ending (50:23)
    • Next episodes – Mental Health Avengers, Bane, Political Terrorism, The Tick
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