Capes on the Couch Episodes,Heroes Issue 71 – The Tick

Issue 71 – The Tick

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  • Intro

    • Plug for Perfect Package Podcast – Chad & Dave each get 5 picks to make the perfect… whatever the topic is – Anthony will be guesting on an upcoming episode

  • Background (3:40)

    • The Tick created by Ben Edlund in New England Comics Newsletter #14 (July/August 1986) – originally the newsletter mascot, got his own comic series in 1988

    • A nigh invulnerable superhero who escapes from a mental institution in his debut, he cannot remember anything from his life before becoming the Tick

    • Lives in the City, where absurd heroes and villains abound

    • Takes a job at the Weekly World Planet newspaper, working alongside Clark Oppenheimer, aka the Caped Wonder, a Superman pastiche

    • One of his allies and his eventual best friend is Arthur, an accountant in a moth suit

    • Oftentimes fun & oblivious, although he can get serious if the situation arises – when his ally Oedipus was stabbed, he attacked the ninjas responsible, and single-handedly destroyed their lair

    • Later revealed that at one point, he was married but separated

    • Takes a laissez-faire attitude towards discovering his past – Arthur seems more intrigued by it than he does

    • Adapted once in animation and twice in live-action – most of the characters change, except for Arthur and Tick

  • Issues (10:40)

    • Amnesia about pre-superhero life

    • Attachment to Arthur (18:45)

    • Childlike Nature in an adult world (23:49)

  • Break (36:13)

  • Treatment (37:40)

    • In-universe

    • Out of universe

  • Skit (45:04)

  • Ending (50:13)
    • Next episodes – Abe Sapien, Yorick Brown, Alfred Pennyworth


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