Capes on the Couch Episodes,Thematic Issue 70 – Terrorism in Comics

Issue 70 – Terrorism in Comics

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  • Intro

    • Shoutout for 90s Court – Lisa & Andy argue a court case about two aspects of 90s pop culture, and the fans vote on who wins – find them wherever you listen to podcasts

    • Review read – Luzz 5 stars on Apple Podcasts – “I’ve just finished listening to the Bane episode and I really like the format & content. Keep it up guys!”

  • Background (04:31)

    • Terrorism in comics has existed as long as the medium – secret organizations hellbent on global domination, mad scientists looking to usurp the world order, connection to Axis powers in WWII… lengthy history

    • In the 60s, AIM and Hydra were two big organizations in Marvel Comics, while the Council and H.I.V.E. (Hierarchy of International Vengeance and Extermination) existed in DC

    • Other publishers wrote similar timely stories – The American, written by Mark Verheiden for Dark Horse, depicted a superhero killed trying to stop a hijacking in Beirut

    • As we’re almost 2 decades into the War on Terror, depictions of terrorism in comics are deeply rooted in real world geopolitics, while still providing social commentary on modern events – current run on Captain America has a character called Scourge killing police and innocents in an attempt to besmirch Steve Rogers

    • V for Vendetta – Alan Moore’s unscrupulous hero functions essentially as a terrorist against an authoritarian government

    • Watchmen – Ozymandias’ plot to unite humanity against a common alien foe is accomplished through terrorist methods

  • Questions

    • What makes a terrorist? What motivates them?

    • Is there a world in which there is no terrorism?

    • How are terrorists treated psychologically?

  • Ending

    • Next episodes – The Tick, Abe Sapien, Yorick (Y: the Last Man)


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