Capes on the Couch DC,Episodes Issue 73 – Yorick Brown

Issue 73 – Yorick Brown

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  • Intro
    • Shoutout to Ignorance Was Bliss – Kate interviews a guest every week about whatever comes to mind – I guested a few months back, she’s a wonderful person and the show should be on everyone’s list

    • TeePublic sale: Today, March 18th– 22nd

  • Background (04:23)

    • Yorick Brown created by Brian K. Vaughan in Y: The Last Man #1 (September 2002)

    • Yorick Brown, an amateur escape artist, and his pet capuchin monkey Ampersand are the only male survivors after an unknown cause kills every male mammal with a Y chromosome simultaneously – society thrown into chaos as women try to cope with the loss

    • Yorick’s mother, Representative Jennifer Brown, tasks Agent 355 with bringing Yorick to Doctor Allison Mann, a geneticist working on cloning, in an attempt to figure out why and how Yorick survived

    • All Yorick wants to do is find his girlfriend Beth, who he proposed to minutes before everyone died – she was in Australia

    • Dr. Mann was giving birth to a clone the instant the plague happened, and blames herself

    • Yorick, 355, and Dr. Mann all head to California, as Dr. Mann’s research lab burned down by the Daughters of the Amazon, a tribe of misandrist women who feel the plague was Earth’s way of punishing the patriarchy that had destroyed society – the Amazons know Yorick is alive, and will stop at nothing to kill him and Ampersand

    • After many years, Yorick reunites with Beth, who tells him that she was going to dump him right before he proposed, but the plague prevented her from telling him how she felt

    • Yorick realizes he’s in love with 355, but she’s killed by Alter, an Israeli commando on the hunt for Yorick

    • Yorick ends up marrying Beth II, a flight attendant, who gives birth to a daughter, Beth Jr. – Beth Jr. later becomes President of France

    • Dr. Mann eventually learns how to clone humans, including Yorick, who grows old and is institutionalized after a joke is interpreted as a suicide attempt

  • Issues (9:30)

    • Survivor’s guilt

    • Impulsiveness – related to survivor’s guilt, nearly gets him killed several times early on (16:15)

    • Responsibility put upon Yorick (22:37)

    • Overconfidence in intelligence (28:15)

  • Break (36:00)

  • Treatment (38:01)

    • In-universe

    • Out of universe (41:15)

  • Skit (50:12)

  • Ending (54:39)

    • Recommended reading: Y: the Last Man – Book 1, Book 2, Book 3, Book 4, Book 5

    • Next episodes: Alfred Pennyworth, Capes in Court 75th Anniversary Special, Kamala Khan


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