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Issue 118 – Black Mask

We go back to the Batman rogues gallery to examine Black Mask! Why does Roman have a legitimate axe to grind with his parents? Tune in to find out!

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Issue 116 – Batman in Therapy

It’s finally here. Batman. On Dr. Issues’ couch. Listen now!

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Issue 115 – Batman Commentary

For the 4th BatMarch episode, we do a full-length commentary on the 1989 film classic BATMAN!

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The Longbox View #3

Through the Mirror Darkly

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Issue 114 – Batman by the Fans

For our 3rd BatMarch episode, we turn things over to YOU, the fans, to sound off on the Dark Knight. Memories, favorite moments, it’s all here – listen now!

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Issue 113 – Batman Roundtable

For BatMarch episode 2, we sit down with old friend Ben Stover, and Dr. Travis Langley, who literally wrote the book on Batman & psychology. How does it turn out? Tune in to find out!

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Issue 112 – Batman’s Relationships

For the first episode of BatMarch, we examine Batman’s relationships with several characters, most of whom we haven’t covered yet. How do they handle being allied with the Dark Knight? Tune in to find out!

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The Longbox View #1

Red is seen in both Love and War!

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Issue 110 – Superman: Red Son

We travel to an alternate Soviet Russia to examine Superman: Red Son! How can people from completely different backgrounds peacefully coexist? That and more in this episode – listen now!

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Issue 108 – Phillip Kennedy Johnson

Just as The Last God finishes up, we talk to writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson! What inspired him to write Last Sons of America? How did his personal fighting style influence Kill a Man? And what’s to come on Superman & Alien? Listen now to find out!