Capes on the Couch Episodes Issue 88 – Eeyore

Issue 88 – Eeyore


  • Intro
    • Thanks to all the podcasts that participated in the Pod Raid last week, much appreciated
    • Shoutout to Ocho Duro Parlay Hour – Ken, Padawan J, and Coach Duffy, along with an assortment of guests, talk sports, wrestling, entertainment, all in an hour – hence the name 
  • Background (03:24)
    • Eeyore created by A.A. Milne in Winnie-the-Pooh (October 1926)
    • An old gray donkey, he is a friend of the various creatures in the Hundred Acre Wood
    • He has a detachable tail, which he frequently loses – Owl used it at one point as a bell-pull
    • In the original books, much more apathetic and condescending towards the others
    • Disney version made him less nasty
  • Issues (06:23)
    • Depression – as in, anhedonia
    • Depression – as in, lack of acknowledgement (11:45)
    • Depression – as in, the voice of the cynic (19:15)
  • Break (25:25)
    • Plugs for Parent Quest, Petri Dish, and Meredith Finch
  • Treatment (27:01)
    • In-universe – Go for a walk in the Hundred Acre Wood, give him space to talk
    • Out of universe – discuss when they were happy, try to reignite their joy, potential use of SSRIs
  • Skit (36:02)
  • Ending (40:38)
    • Recommended reading: the original Winnie-the-Pooh stories
    • Next episodes: Reader, Uatu the Watcher, Damian Wayne
    • Review read: Super niche, super love it! I absolutely love how niche this podcast is AND how knowledgeable they are. Great chemistry, great content, great for anyone that’s into comics and analyzing personalities! – dillonh36
    • Plugs for social


  • The Tick episode – Anthony (03:47)
  • Cyclops episode – Doc (05:45)
  • Daredevil episode – Anthony (10:35)
  • Worldstar – Anthony (35:45)

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