Issue 97 – Black Adam

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  • Intro
  • Background (02:39)
    • Black Adam (Teth-Adam) created by Otto Binder and C.C. Beck in The Marvel Family #1 (December 1945)
    • Only made one appearance in original Fawcett comics run – an ancient Egyptian who was given his powers by the wizard Shazam, but became corrupted by them and was banished to a far star – he returned to Earth 5000 years later, and battled the Marvel family, only to be tricked into saying Shazam and instantly aging to death
    • After DC bought Fawcett Comics and began using their characters, he was reintroduced to the larger DC universe, as an adversary of Captain Marvel/Shazam
    • Similar origin story for DC, but buried in a tomb by Shazam until unearthed by an archaeologist named Theo Adam, with whom his spirit bonded (similar to Billy Batson & Shazam)
    • He reformed and joined the Justice Society of America, serving as a darker, anti-heroic counter to most of the other members
    • Became ruler of African nation of Kahndaq (where he was retconned to be from), after deposing the dictator (Atom Smasher killed him)
    • 52/World War Three – Adam’s version of the Marvel Family are all killed, and Adam goes on a rampage that requires the entire Justice Society and other heroes to band together to defeat him – he is left powerless
    • New 52 – rebooted as Adam, whose nephew Aman was given powers by Shazam – Adam was injured, and Aman shared his power with his uncle, who then turned on Aman and killed him – defeated by the Marvel family once again
    • Rebirth – one of the Council of Immortals, and still serving as ruler of Kahndaq
  • Issues (10:00)
    • Unable to take any criticism
    • Incredibly wrathful – if he feels even remotely slighted, he will stop at nothing to punish (18:45)
    • Self-righteousness (28:15)
  • Break (34:18)
  • Treatment (35:51)
    • In-universe – Use medication/magical stones to sedate Adam before beginning therapy
    • Out of universe – Focus on making a safe environment, and then address the issues as they arise (39:52)
  • Skit (47:51)
  • Ending (51:23)
    • Recommended reading: JSA: Black Reign
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