Avengers Episodes Heroes Marvel Mutants X-Men

Issue 154 – Scarlet Witch

Following the release of Dr. Strange 2, we talk the Scarlet Witch, Wanda Maximoff! Chaos reigns throughout the episode, including an engaging discussion about the need to get help. You won’t want to miss this one!

Episodes Heroes Marvel

Issue 152 – Elsa Bloodstone

Grab your guns, we’re going hunting for monsters with Elsa Bloodstone! What will die faster: the things she squares off with or her family legacy? Listen now to find out!

Dark Horse Episodes Heroes

Issue 149 – Klaus Hargreeves

Grab your Ouija board, because we’re talking to KLAUS HARGREEVES! How can the Seance make a better connection with the living instead of the dead? Tune in to find out!

Episodes Thematic

Issue 136 – Children of Super Villains

If you think your parents are harsh, you’ve got nothing on these kids. It’s a thematic episode about the children of super villains! Listen now!

DC Episodes Heroes Justice Leaguers Teen Titans

Issue 135 – Starfire

Come with us to Tamaran as we talk STARFIRE! Why does Doc suggest she become a living mood ring? Listen now to find out!

Antiheroes Episodes Marvel Mutants Villains X-Men

Issue 134 – Emma Frost

Prepare for a cold front, as we cover EMMA FROST! What does it take to defrost this ice queen? And how many jokes are made at Scott’s expense? Listen to find out!

Avengers Episodes Heroes Marvel

Issue 132 – Shang-Chi

Before his film comes out, we cover the Master of Kung-Fu, SHANG-CHI! Let’s just say we hope your relationship with your father is better than his… listen now!

Antiheroes Dark Horse Episodes

Issue 130 – Number Five (Umbrella Academy)

We take our first trip to the Umbrella Academy to study NUMBER FIVE! How can this child-man find better coping mechanisms? Tune in to find out!

Episodes Heroes Marvel Mutants X-Men

Issue 126 – Rogue

Get out your long gloves and get some sugah – we’re talking ROGUE! This Southern belle’s got a wild streak as long as the white streak in her hair – listen now!

Batman Rogues DC Episodes Villains

Issue 118 – Black Mask

We go back to the Batman rogues gallery to examine Black Mask! Why does Roman have a legitimate axe to grind with his parents? Tune in to find out!