Episodes Thematic

Issue 136 – Children of Super Villains

If you think your parents are harsh, you’ve got nothing on these kids. It’s a thematic episode about the children of super villains! Listen now!

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Issue 135 – Starfire

Come with us to Tamaran as we talk STARFIRE! Why does Doc suggest she become a living mood ring? Listen now to find out!

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Issue 134 – Emma Frost

Prepare for a cold front, as we cover EMMA FROST! What does it take to defrost this ice queen? And how many jokes are made at Scott’s expense? Listen to find out!

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Issue 132 – Shang-Chi

Before his film comes out, we cover the Master of Kung-Fu, SHANG-CHI! Let’s just say we hope your relationship with your father is better than his… listen now!

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Issue 130 – Number Five (Umbrella Academy)

We take our first trip to the Umbrella Academy to study NUMBER FIVE! How can this child-man find better coping mechanisms? Tune in to find out!

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Issue 126 – Rogue

Get out your long gloves and get some sugah – we’re talking ROGUE! This Southern belle’s got a wild streak as long as the white streak in her hair – listen now!

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Issue 118 – Black Mask

We go back to the Batman rogues gallery to examine Black Mask! Why does Roman have a legitimate axe to grind with his parents? Tune in to find out!

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Issue 110 – Superman: Red Son

We travel to an alternate Soviet Russia to examine Superman: Red Son! How can people from completely different backgrounds peacefully coexist? That and more in this episode – listen now!

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Issue 109 – Levana Blackburn

We make our first venture to the world of the Lunar Chronicles to meet the evil queen Levana Blackburn, whose problems are much more than skin deep!

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Issue 107 – Catwoman

After 107 episodes, we FINALLY get around to Catwoman. Why does Selina keep trying to reform, and why doesn’t it stick? Listen to find out!