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Issue 183 – Bigby Wolf

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Fairytales do come true – we finally bring you the long-awaited issue on Bigby Wolf! So smoke ’em if you got ’em, because things get hairy in this one!

  • Intro
    • Apologies for delay in new episodes
    • Shoutout to new Patron Justin
  • Background
    • Bigby Wolf created by Bill Willingham and Lan Medina in Fables #1 (July 2002)
    • Based on the Big Bad Wolf of stories, he is the Sheriff of Fabletown, a section of NYC populated with characters from folklore and legend
    • Centuries ago, the North Wind fell in love with a wolf named Winter, and they had a litter of cubs – Bigby was the runt, relentlessly teased by his brothers and abandoned by his father
    • When Winter died, Bigby’s brothers left to find their father – Bigby vowed vengeance against his father and his brothers
    • Years later, he confronted his father seven times, and seven times failed to kill him – he eventually gave up and accepted defeat
    • Living in the Black Forest, he served as an uneasy ally of the other Fables against the forces of the Adversary – he insisted on tasting the flesh of anyone attempting to pass through a portal, and determined whether they were worthy
    • After being cut with a lycanthropy-stained knife, he gained the power to change into a human at will, and later mastered the power enough to control the extent of his transition
    • Under the guidance of King Cole, Bigby was hired as Fabletown’s sheriff because of his detective skills and fighting ability, but he remained untrusted by the other Fables
    • Later had seven children with Snow White, and they inherited their father’s abilities – they all stayed at the Farm, where Bigby was forbidden to visit until he was forgiven by Prince Charming – after marrying Snow White, he and the family moved to Wolf Valley and he retired as Sheriff
    • Turned into glass and killed by Prince Brandish as part of Brandish’s fight with Snow White – he was resurrected by witches, but since one of the pieces of glass was missing, his resurrection was tainted and he was under the control of Nurse Spratt until the final piece was returned and he was fully restored
  • Issues – Theme is taming the mind while remaining wild at heart (9:51)
  • Lack of trust by other residents of Fabletown because of his actions prior to the amnesty
  • Hostile relationship with his father
  • Internal dissonance between his animalistic nature and the human side he has to present
  • Break (26:41)
    • Plugs for Play Comics, Scotch N Sports, and Erica Schultz
  • Treatment (28:18)
    • In-universe
    • Out of universe
  • Skit (37:35)
    • Hello Mr Wo -***interrupting*** Bigby. Bigby’s fine. 
    • Hello Bigby, I’m Dr. Issues. -And I’m leaving. 
    • Please don’t, or we’re both going to be in trouble.-There won’t be any trouble if you just step aside. You can see I’m fine. I’ve come in like this before, and I tell everyone in the ER that I’m fine, so they let me go.
    • Not this time. -Grrr…why not?
    • Because you’ve come in so many times with unknown injuries, outlandish reports that don’t make sense, and by the time you leave it’s as if nothing ever happened. -Exactly.
    • EXACTLY…that’s why the ER director wants me to do a psychiatric evaluation for decision making capacity. If you refuse, then police will be contacted to do a wellness check on wherever you say you’re going. -That’s…problematic.
    • I agree. So, what’s up? My main point is to determine if you understand the risks and benefits of your decision making, and if you are a danger to yourself, others. Or property. – Look, I’m not a danger to anyone, unless they get in my way. But if you don’t let me out of here, you’re putting others in danger. Can you live with that?
    • Nope, that’s why I have confidentiality on my side…and the only way it’s broken is if I think there is a danger. You’re not the danger and someone else is…prove it. – That’s just it. If I tell you, then you’re in danger. The safest thing for you is to keep you in the dark. You just have to trust me. 
    • Do you trust me? -No.
    • Then it’s mutual. Mexican standoff. I have my regs. You can beat me to a pulp, you can bash your way out of here, you can tangle with the police, but I know my job, and it’s protecting society at all costs. That’s all there is to it for me at this point. – *chuckles*
    • What’s so funny? – You an’ I are a lot more alike than I figured. OK. Fine. Have it your way. I’ll play your game, I’ll answer your questions, but only far enough to get me out of here. We clear?
    • Crystal. – *grunts* Hate that word.
    • Why? – Bad experience. Long story.
    • For once, I ain’t got time for that. Plus, you’re obviously in a hurry. Why’d you come to the hospital? -I didn’t volunteer. Tough scrape, got hit with a truck…what FELT like a truck. I know people don’t survive too many hard shots, and they wanted to check me for a concussion.
    • You look and sound pretty good, all things considered -You should see the other guy.
    • Were there any homicidal threats? -No, not this time.
    • *pause* how often do you get threatened? Is this like a mob thing or -No, I’m actually on the side of keeping things in order. I can’t say more than that.
    • Classified? -Let’s go with that.
    • Ah…I think I’m getting the picture. You weave quite the tale -No kidding. You done?
    • Not quite. Do you know what the typical treatment plan is when you’re evaluated for physical and mental injuries? -I…uh…wait a while and if I’m ok, I leave. Like I said…a million times…EVERY time. Including now.
    • Consistency. I like it. And do you know the risks if you leave without any further medical evaluation? -I get to not talk to you anymore, and get on with my job. My very important job that keeps you and everyone else safe, and none the wiser. Am I making myself clear?
    • *exaggerated* Sir yes sir! -What?
    • I’m picking up what you’re putting down. Tough guy, lots of fighting skill, important work under lock and key…alright, I’m satisfied. You don’t have to tell me what branch…is it CIA? FBI? Secret Service? ATF? DEA? Ooooh, maybe you’re international and it’s MI6 -You read too many novels. Stop. I’m completely off the books *chuckles* damn I wasn’t even trying with that one.
    • Alright, Alright. Look, I’ll make your chart locked and the only way to break the seal is if you or your POA approves. Is that a deal? -What’s a POA?
    • Power of Attorney…or, if you don’t have the ability to share such a legal document, you would need a listed next of kin -Not a chance, too much of a blowhard. And the missus, well… if she found out I’d gotten into a scrape like this, it wouldn’t end well for me.
    • Suit yourself. I’ll be as vague as possible with details. But I can’t keep this up forever. If you do anything to compromise yourself, I won’t be able to hold back what’s in store for you. You’re going to get yourself killed at some point. – Wouldn’t be the first time… I, uh, came really close.
    • I’m sorry to hear that. You know, I see more people like you than you realize. I know your type. -*startled* Grrr.WHAT?!!
    • Calm down. I mean the facade. You come off like a grizzly, but I know underneath that, you’re really a teddy bear. That’s all. I work with some people like that. And I can’t change them, so I ride the wave. I hope you let the people close to you see the softer underbelly instead of the claws. – Damn, Doc, you’re a lot closer than you realize. Not bad for a mundie.
    • *confused* But it’s Wednesday. – *sigh* Can I go now?
  • Ending (44:04)
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