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Issue 167 – Jessica Cruz

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We wrap up Lantern Month with a case study in PTSD, Jessica Cruz! Lock yourself in your apartment and listen now!

 Issue 167 – Jessica Cruz

  • Intro
    • Thanks to everyone who joined us for the watch party
  • Background (1:56)
    • Jessica Cruz created by Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis, Doug Mahnke, and Ethan Van Sciver in Justice League #30 (July 2014)
    • Jessica was on a camping trip with her friends when they witnessed mobsters burying a body – the mobsters killed her friends to prevent witnesses, but Jessica escaped
    • When she returned, she suffered from anxiety attacks and agoraphobia, and locked herself in her apartment for four years
    • When the Crime Syndicate of Earth-3 came to the planet and Power Ring was killed, his ring found Jessica and bonded to her because of her fear – the ring took over and led to her attacking the Justice League & Doom Patrol
    • With the help of Batman & Hal Jordan, she learned to use the ring and control it, instead of letting it control her
    • During the Darkseid War, his daughter Grail summoned the Black Racer to kill the Flash, she managed to overtake the ring’s control long enough to jump in front and attack the Black Racer – it killed the entity in the ring, and left Jessica presumably dead, until a Green Lantern ring approached her and turned her into the newest Earth Lantern
    • Hal partners her with Simon Baz, the other new Earth Lantern, and right after they start working together, they have to take on Atrocitus and the Red Lantern Corps, who are constructing a Hell Tower on Earth – they destroy the tower, but the Rage Seed was still implanted in the Earth
    • She joins the Justice League, and helps them take on Doctor Manhattan (unsuccessfully)
    • Gets stranded on an outpost alone in space for a year, and managed to fight off Sinestro Corps members when they came to the station in search of supplies – she earns a yellow ring after this, and joins the Sinestro Corps as the Lantern of 2814
  • Issues – Theme is “You got this… but what if you don’t?” (6:48)
    • PTSD – Agoraphobia
    • PTSD – Anxiety (13:05)
    • PTSD – Imposter syndrome (20:41)
  • Break (31:31)
  • Treatment (33:25)
    • In-universe & out of universe are the same – focus on addressing the PTSD
  • Skit (feat. Lauren from Legends of SHIELD) (39:02)
    • DOC: Hello Jessica, I’m Dr. Issues
    • JESS: *deep breath & exhale* Hello Doctor
    • DOC: What can I do for you?
    • JESS: Well to be honest I’m a little creeped out
    • DOC: Why is that?
    • JESS: This isn’t what I expected.  Your office is… unique
    • DOC: I have to admit I’ve made some recent changes.  I have to keep up with the latest breakthroughs in therapy.
    • JESS: It looks like you may have gone backwards instead.
    • DOC: What do you mean?
    • JESS: Well, first of all I thought there would be a couch.  Why is there a beanbag? And what is that lavender smell?
    • DOC: I have come to realize that the environment is very important for patients to get better.  That beanbag is warm and comforting and lavender is known to be very soothing.  But I didn’t stop there.  I’m sure you’ve noticed that tall lamp as well.
    • JESS: Yeah, I think that’s something that I should really talk to you about. It looks like something I’ve been… Researching.
    • DOC: it’s part of my new concierge model.  I want to be able to dedicate myself to my patients more and in a fashion that will allow for the best results while not stressing me out.  But I apologize, I just realize I haven’t really focused on why you want my help in the first place.
    • JESS: ‘Cause I’ve been through some bad stuff, that’s why.  And there are some serious times I feel like I can’t do this at all. 
    • DOC: Well I can’t blame you for feeling that way. That’s pretty common.  What does that do to you emotionally?
    • JESS: It makes me wanna jump out of my skin sometimes.  I become a nervous wreck. 
    • DOC: Anxiety.  Got it.  But I notice with what you have, clearly you have been managing very well for yourself.
    • JESS: What, the ring?  That’s part of the problem. Everybody thinks I have it all put together.  *Scoffs* It makes me feel like an impostor. 
    • DOC: What’s that saying, “dress for the job you want?”
    • JESS: You’re one to talk.  *Sarcasm* You don’t really dress like a DOCTOR
    • DOC: You know, I used to dress up in a full suit, but then I became more comfortable with who I am so I dress the way I want.
    • JESS: Is that why you went with this color scheme for the office?  To match your personal preference?
    • DOC: If you must know, I actually picked this as a compromise.  My favorite color is blue, and my daughter enjoys purple, so somewhere in between seems fitting. *pause* Why are you so fascinated with the random intricacies of my decor?  I’m supposed to get to know your situation, not the other way around.
    • JESS: *sigh* Is it really that obvious?
    • DOC: You have been fidgeting for quite a while, you constantly look over your shoulder, and so far all you’ve done is critique me to the point that if I weren’t so chill about all of this I’d be insulted.
    • JESS: Like I said I’ve been through a lot in my life. It pays to be safe.
    • DOC: I don’t expect you to go into details, but if you could at least identify what type of trauma you’ve had it would be helpful.
    • JESS: My face, rather my EYE, gives it away.  You’re not stupid.
    • DOC: That definitely looks like a source of pain and I’m sorry.  But there’s more to it than that. You seem distracted.  Is there anything else?
    • JESS: You’re definitely perceptive, I’ll give you that. *grunts* I can’t do this, ok? *angry* I CAN’T DO THIS
    • DOC: Whoa! I didn’t mean to get you that upset
    • JESS: Well you did…  Not you really…but…what you’re doing
    • DOC: I’m doing my job
    • JESS: No you’re doing someone else’s job, and that’s what I’m trying to figure out…this could have been simple…*changes to authoritative tone* this is official green lantern corp business.  This office has been on our radar for months.  We know who comes in and out of here but lately, something has changed. *sound effect for powering up* Please provide us with the appropriate information, or I may have to use force.
    • DOC: Well at least you’re nicer than the joint commission. *sigh*OK here goes.  I’ve made a deal with a private equity firm… Of sorts.  It’s not a complete buyout so I still have significant control.  Heck, they didn’t even want money.  They just wanted my office to be able to accommodate certain situations, along with my professional expertise.
    • JESS: Is that how you brainwashed Guy Gardner into thinking you’re the best psychiatrist ever?
    • DOC: What?  No, I
    • JESS: * interrupting* and is that how you survived ATROCITUS without being obliterated?
    • DOC: He just left on his own! I thought I was going to die!
    • JESS: *phone rings* This call is important.  Don’t…move…
    • DOC: *surprisingly calm* wouldn’t dream of it
    • JESS: Hello…what? That was never supposed to happen in our lifetime…I’m not… you can’t …someone else …ANYBODY else…you’re asking for failure! No! * hangs up* We have to leave now! *panicked* NOW!
    • DOC: * phone rings* apparently it’s my turn
    • JESS: I don’t care…it’s not that important
    • DOC: You don’t know that *answers* hello this is Dr. Issues…  I didn’t realize it was you.  Yes I do think that’s relevant to what’s going on right now.  I guess it fits in with being audited.  Okay I’ll put in the orders
    • JESS: We don’t have time for this, we have to leave.  There’s a creature that can destroy us all coming here right now and he is not about making friends.  It’s another lantern…  The only orange one! 
    • DOC: *interrupting* Nope actually we have to stay. More importantly, when I tell you, you have to open that door.
    • JESS: The closet?  You’re gonna have us hide in the closet? This is ridiculous.
    • DOC: We’re not going in. He is.
    • JESS: You’re not trapping the greediest being in the universe in the closet!
    • DOC: * deep sigh* Please understand that I am terrified right now and the only reason I’m keeping calm is that this is what happens to me when I know there are things that must be done.  So for the sake of your life, mine, and everyone that we care about, just open the door when I say so. I’m begging you.
    • JESS: And when this doesn’t work…?
    • DOC: Then I know I will have done everything I could and I know a hero such as yourself will fight to her last breath…  But I hope it doesn’t come to that.
    • JESS: Every day is a fight.  Every moment.  The choice to get out of bed.  To eat. To smile.  Everyone takes that for granted.  And you really think I could fight that…  whatever it is when it gets here?
    • DOC: Thank you for fighting, and winning all of those so far.  So much anxiety is about “what if,“ and you have to keep proving yourself.  The good news is there will come a day where you don’t have to ask that question anymore.  Maybe today’s the day.
    • DOC: NOW!
    • *** door opens then slams shut ***
    • JESS: What was in-
    • DOC: *answers phone again* Yes I was already putting them in…  I think the HalJordanol should work if it’s administered as an inhalant.  I’ll admit I don’t know what the normal vital signs should be…  Not aware of any next of kin listed.  Estimated length of stay 5 to 7 days or epochs, whatever term is appropriate. *hangs up*
    • JESS: What did you do?
    • DOC: It will all make sense if you open the door again.
    • JESS: Are you insane? We can’t let him-  *stops abruptly* He’s not in there, is he?
    • DOC: See for yourself
    • JESS: *opens door* It’s empty…  And it looks like a hospital room?
    • DOC: Crisis area.  I’m not a contractor but I’m guessing there is some inter-dimensional stuff at play.
    • JESS: Then where is he now?
    • DOC: To be honest I don’t know how to describe it, but if a hospital is the best analog, let’s just say he’s being held for observation with a plan to return to his residence.
    • JESS: There is no way the Guardians authorized this
    • DOC: I’m no expert in those types of discussions.  All I know is, I have someone who can give a proper report of a system like this working for the first time.
    • JESS: You’ll need some official documentation
    • DOC: Right now the best I can do is my card
    • JESS: I can’t read it…  It’s like it’s in some sort of alien language.
    • DOC: Yeah I actually can’t read it either but for some reason I can understand it.  They messed up my name though. It says “Dr. Ishigo.” They also said that this is only for Lantern situations.
    • JESS: I don’t think that’s a mistake. 
    • DOC: Nok.
  • Ending (50:13)
    • Recommended reading: Green Lanterns
    • Next episodes: Ted Anderson interview, Animal sidekicks, Kang the Conqueror
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