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Creators on the Couch – Phillip Kennedy Johnson 2

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We’re back! And so is Philip Kennedy Johnson! We sit down with PKJ for the second time to talk about his recently wrapped runs on Action Comics & Alien. Listen now!

  • Intro

    • Apologies for delay in episodes – see blog post for more

  • PKJ

    • Last time we spoke was Feb. 2021, discussing Last Sons of America, Kill A Man and end of The Last God

  • Superman (3:42)

    • What was something you wanted to do with Superman that hadn’t been done before?

    • Exploration of Clark-Jon relationship – so many emotional moments

    • Warworld Saga – why go with Mongul for main villain of storyline?

    • Love Osul and Otho – their lack of exposure to anything resembling compassion and love, and the welcoming by the Superman family, is best addition to mythos in a long time

    • Superman family gets major focus here – family is thru-line running across the entire arc

      • Special point on Kong Kenan and his “defection”

    • Blue Earth movement – *chef’s kiss*

  • Alien (22:28)

    • Another instance of a father doing anything for his son in first arc

    • Was it always the plan to have 3 separate arcs across 2 volumes?

    • How much input did you have into Xenomorph designs, or was that all artists?

  • Ending (34:00)

    • Next episodes: Speedball, Deathstroke

    • Plugs for social

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